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A successful sexual relationship isn't just about positions. If you're having trouble communicating, or you're experiencing anger or hostility or a sense of distance from your partner, knowing about new ways to have sex may not make any difference to your love life. But, having said that, if your relationship is working reasonably well, but the spark of passion has left your sex life, trying out some new sex positions can add intimacy, connection and fun to your relationship.

Considering how much time we all spend trying to get sex, or find a partner with whom we can enjoy lovemaking, it may be strange that we get bored with sex so easily. But sex is no different to any other human skill - it requires practice to do it well, and it requires new ideas and stimulation from time to time to ensure that it remains fresh and enjoyable. So, relax, get your partner alongside you, discuss these positions, and then have fun trying them out!

Thrusting - or something else?

We tend to think of intercourse or lovemaking as a penis-in-a-vagina experience that has to involve thrusting - the old in-out, in-out routine. But there are plenty of ways that a man and woman can achieve intimacy and fulfillment without vigorous penile thrusting. Once her man's penis is inside her, many women experience a sense of fulfillment and connection that is precious and important to them whether or not their man thrusts. And though men have a deep instinctual urge to thrust, they too can enjoy these gentle experiences of closeness and connection. Another possibility is to enjoy different kinds of movement once the man has inserted his penis - a gentle rocking motion or gentle circular movements of the hips is often enjoyable. And since the vagina is most sensitive nearest its outer edges, shallow penetration in which the man just inserts his penis an inch or two, then withdraws, and then gently re-enters to the same depth can be very teasing and enjoyable - especially if his partner can squeeze his penis with her vaginal muscles as he moves in and out!

Sex Positions by Popular Names

1) The Doggy Style
The female is on all fours as the male penetrates her from the rear.

2) The Hoovering of the Floor
The male stands behind the female and lifts her by the thighs, pulling her vagina onto his penis. She supports herself on her hands. Try walking around the room while doing this.

3) The Playing of the Cello
She lies on her back and places her ankles on one of his shoulders. He clings onto her shins while thrusting. His hands can fondle her breasts at the same time.

4) The Riding of the Steer
He lies on his back while she ‘sits’ on his penis. She lifts herself up and down by gripping his kneecaps and he guides her with his hands on her buttocks.

5) The Persuading of the Debtor
The male kneels down and lifts the female’s legs up over his shoulders as though attempting to empty her pockets of small change. He then slides his penis downwards into her.

6) The Sitting on the Toilet
The male lies on his back with his knees bent forming the shape of a toilet. She sits on his penis and moves up and down. Great for circus acts.

7) The Rocking Recliner
He lies on his back. She is on all fours facing upwards and moves back and forth.

8) The Black Bee
He sits down with his hands placed on the floor behind his back. She sits on top of him with her hands on his shoulders while moving up and down.

9) The Spoon
She lies on her side and he penetrates her from behind in a side on position. Ideal for men with a large penis size.

10) The Sixty Niner
For lovers of oral sex! Both give and receive at the same time. Either partner can be on top. Ideal for same sex partners as well.

11) The Watching of the Cricket
He sits on his favourite armchair while she sits on him. He can watch cricket on TV at the same time!

12) The Reverse Piggy-Back
He stands and lifts her by her buttocks with her back against the wall for support. She warps her legs around his thighs as he penetrates her. A great way to get fit.

13) The Lady on Top
He lies on his back and she climbs on top of him and slides up and down on his penis.

14) The Squashing of the Deckchair
She lies on her back with her legs pulled up and he holds them in place with his arms. Ideal for deep penetration.

15) The Reverse Woman on Top
Same as the Lady on Top but with her backside is facing him.

16) The Proposal
She kneels down with her legs apart. He kneels down in front of her with one knee on the ground as though he is proposing to her and penetrates her.

17) The Side Entry Missionary
She lies on her side while he penetrates her from behind, as he would in the missionary position.

18) The Advanced Black Bee
Same as the Black Bee but she has her legs on his shoulders.

19) The Upright Doggy
Same as the doggy position woman kneels upright. She may put her hands on his thighs or buttocks for more leverage.

20) The Horizontal Reverse
This is similar to the Reverse Woman on Top - in this position her breasts and hands are able to massage his thighs and shins.

21) The Missionary Position
The most popular of the positions. She opens her legs as he positions himself between them in place for the most direct penetration. The simple thrust of the hips gives an easy and effective in - out action.

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