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The Lady on Top

He lies on his back and she climbs on top of him and slides up and down on his penis.

Woman on top sex positions

Many couples find this a very exciting sex position, and it's one that's more likely than most to allow a woman to orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. In addition, this position can be very empowering for women, allowing a new sense of excitement, control and power during the act of sex. It gets away from the idea that the woman is the submissive partner in lovemaking, or that lovemaking is something that a man "does" to a woman.

The woman can control the speed and depth of lovemaking, and get a sense of dominance over her male partner. For men it can be exciting to see their partners' breasts or buttocks (depending on how the technique is done), and it certainly changes the traditional expectation that a man is responsible for initiating and guiding the couple during sex, and that the woman is almost passively receiving his vaginal thrusting. This can be a good experience for a man who's secure enough in himself not to feel threatened by the role reversal.

The woman on top position described - basic woman on top

The man lies on his back while his female partner straddles him. His movement is limited by her weight, and she can control the depth of thrusting. Both partners can stroke or fondle her breasts, clitoris, back and buttocks, and she can caress his chest, arms and testicles. The woman can move her hips in either a thrusting or a rocking motion, and she may control the degree of stimulation she offers the man by limiting the extent to which she moves up and down on his penis shaft. All in all, a very exciting position, with a lot of possibilities.

Variations on woman on top

The woman lies on top - upside down missionary!

The feelings here can be intense. The intensity will depend chiefly on how tightly the woman keeps her legs shut. If she lies with her legs inside the man's and keeps them closed, his penis will be squeezed in a way that is hard to achieve in any other position, and though he is likely to come quickly, the feelings will be stronger for the woman as well. For a woman who likes the sense of penetration and the feeling of her man's penis inside her, this is a powerful experience.

Other variations

Variations on the woman on top are all about the angle of the penis in the vagina, and the fact that the woman gets different sensations when the man penetrates her from different angles. This can be exciting for the man as well, of course, because different positions stimulate different parts of his penis and also put different degrees of pressure on it. A couple can have a great deal of fun and be very playful in experimenting with these different positions; there is little more to say other than "have fun!"

The woman on top faces away from the man

A position which can provide the most intense vaginal stimulation when the woman sits on top of her man and then leans forward as far as is comfortable. This is not something that all men will find comfortable, especially those with a hard upright erection which normally stands against their stomach, but it is certainly a very stimulating one for the woman, because it allows her to ride his penis while her G-spot is stimulated. This is shown in the third picture below.

The woman on top faces towards the man


Some of the possible things you can to do for greater enjoyment when leaning forward in this position include kissing, playing with the woman's anus or the man's balls, and kissing and licking her breasts.

A loving embrace

A very touching and gentle position that goes far beyond just "fucking" is the one shown in the picture below. The position can also be tried with the man kneeling as well as the woman. Once the couple have placed their arms around each other, they can remain upright for some time, bodies locked together. This position allows a couple who love each other to maintain an embrace enhanced by the knowledge that they have a union of penis and vagina as well as their bodies. By remaining still, that is, not thrusting, but just touching, talking, eye gazing, and loving each other, it is possible to experience a deep feeling of intimacy and connection. Allow yourselves to experience the depth of connection - breath out deeply a few times to relax parts of your body that may be tense, and you will feel yourselves slipping into a realm of deeper sexual union.

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